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Pack débarbouillettes & Savon Self

$29.00 CAD

Pour réchauffez l'ambiance sous le signe de la douceur cette St- Valentin , ECOTOA pense à vos moments de Coocooning!  

La boite cadeau contient : 

1- Un pack débarbouillettes ECOTAO en colori Naturel (20x20cm) 

2- Un savon SELF natural  (100% Naturel Muguet ou thé vert ) 


Our fabric

Our products are made of organic cotton and bamboo. Bamboo naturally contains anti-bacterial properties

56% bamboo

24% organic cotton

20% recycled polyester

How to take care of the products

Machine wash and dry.

In order to keep your wipes and washcloths longer, pre-washing is recommended, especially after heavy make-up removal.

Our Tip! prevailing with sodium percarbonate.

Sodium percarbonate is a NATURAL stain remover/whitener. 100% eco-responsible.

Our favorite is the percarbonate from The Unscented company