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Beauty headband

$9.99 CAD

Beauty headband - Black is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Bandeau beauté Ecotao! 

Parafait pour accompagner votre routine beauté du matin ou du soir. 

Fait en coton biologique et Bambou 🌱

Taille unique - Ajustable avec un velcro 


Our fabric

Our products are made of organic cotton and bamboo. Bamboo naturally contains anti-bacterial properties

56% bamboo

24% organic cotton

20% recycled polyester

How to take care of the products

Machine wash and dry.

In order to keep your wipes and washcloths longer, pre-washing is recommended, especially after heavy make-up removal.

Our Tip! prevailing with sodium percarbonate.

Sodium percarbonate is a NATURAL stain remover/whitener. 100% eco-responsible.

Our favorite is the percarbonate from The Unscented company