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Ethical mission

1 – Our first mission is to raise awareness of eco-responsible beauty gestures, good for the skin and the planet. Our wipes are washable and reusable, making them a zero-waste consumer product. However, it is our choices of raw materials and workmanship that make them unique.

So let's talk a bit about ecology and health.

Made from organic cotton and sustainable bamboo to respect the most sensitive skin, our wipes limit the risk of allergies and have a natural antibacterial power.

What is the difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton?

Cotton cultivation represents 2.5% of the world's agricultural land. Conventional cotton alone uses 25% of the pesticides sold worldwide (Source: WHO) and requires a lot of chemical fertilizers. A considerable impact for the environment, but also for producers and consumers.

Did you know that 1 kg of conventional cotton requires 5,263 liters of water?

2/3 of the world's drinking water resources are used for its production (Source: CNRS). In addition to consuming a lot of water, growing conventional cotton pollutes groundwater, makes soil sterile and kills 22,000 people each year (Source: WHO).

Many pesticides used on cotton are classified as hazardous substances and are even banned by the World Health Organization. Additionally, the used and unnatural dyes are loaded with heavy metals and chemicals. Very serious consequences for producers but also for consumers. Thus, by using certified organic cotton, ECOTAO ensures the quality of its product in addition to protecting producers and the planet!

And the bamboo? Why is it considered eco-friendly and sustainable?

Bamboo requires 4 times less water than cotton and uses little to no fertilizers or chemicals. It is also a crop that limits soil erosion and promotes water infiltration. A good carbon sink, bamboo forests absorb up to 30% more CO2 and release up to 30% more oxygen than other types of forest. In addition to being a more environmentally friendly crop, bamboo naturally has antibacterial properties, which prevents the growth of bacteria on our ECOTAO wipes.

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2- Our second mission is to promote the social and local economy.

Made in Montreal, our wipes are made in part at the Textil'Art workshop .

Founded in 1998, the Atelier Ecole's mission is to help people in need, in particular immigrant women, excluded from the labor market. The organization helps these women learn a trade, enter the labor market and feel included in our society. It has enabled hundreds of women, from more than a hundred different countries, to integrate into our society with dignity and success.

It is since its creation, in November 2018, that ECOTAO has had its wipes manufactured by social economy organizations which have enabled more than 15 immigrant women to be trained in industrial sewing.

It is by manufacturing its products locally with environmentally friendly materials that ECOTAO is part of a sustainable development perspective in order to better protect future generations.

Here ! Extremely gentle and reusable cleansing and make-up remover wipes, respectful of your skin and the planet. A zero waste product without compromise Eco-Chic and professional quality. Our biodegradable bamboo packaging, with its unique design, is minimalist and eco-friendly.

“I created Ecotao in the hope of seeing mentalities change and people open up to true values ​​but above all to respect for all forms of life, so that future generations can live in a better world. »

Audrey Chen-Lafitte, Founder.